ISON PtP Outdoor Wireless Network Solution

Delivers Real Time High Quality Video Surveillance Transmission

Long distance connectivity crosses cities and towns

High capacity to deliver high resolution CCTV content

Rugged design for IP67 compliance


In order to provide reliable, long-distance digital data transmission, ISON offers both wired industrial Ethernet solutions and wireless Point-to-Point transmission solutions to deliver integrated wired and wireless solutions to customers with cost-effective industrial network products and services.


The ISON integrated wired and wireless network solutions allow customers to achieve high-quality, high-definition, and 24-hours real time outdoor video surveillance applications, such as traffic monitoring, smart cities, metro and railway video surveillance, security of airports and other infrastructure.


ISON Point-to-Point Wireless Network Transmission Features in Video Surveillance:

  • Supports high-definition video transmission
  • Delivery range up to 120km/75miles*, saving installation costs for excessive hardware
  • Bi-Directional transmission with configurable Uplink / Downlink asymmetric traffic
  • Fixed and low latency for zero video “hiccups”
  • Reinforced IP67 protection

*As the transmission range increases, the data transmission speed will decrease. If high-definition video transmission is needed, a suitable transmission range should be taken into consideration.


Below is an example of CCTV application architecture.