Develop a High transmission capacity Network Backbone in IIOT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can sometimes be confusing to engineers in today's Industrial Networking landscape.  Discussions in the industry mention that  IIoT guarantees cost-effective, consistent operations which sound intriguing to administrators and network design teams. It turns out that the actual Network System Installers as well as System Integrators need to ponder the truth of making sense of how the diverse stages in a system can talk with each other.

The overall structure involves 3 different areas – 1) Operation Technology (OT), 2) Information Technology (IT), and 3) IIoT. Because of the protocol differences between each of the areas mentioned, there is no guarantee of seamless operation between them. Without interoperability folks at the enterprise level are left with unintelligible or no data creating frustrations and confusion for Integrators not to mention that neither the OT or IT offices have experience working with each other or more specifically, with each other’s protocols within their domains. As IIoT continues to proliferate the factory automation and automation in general, changes must take place quickly to ensure OT and IT are working together.

Long term forecasts suggest that all parties need to look at the difficulties confronting SI’s with the OT-to-OT, OT-to-IT, and OT-to-IIoT interoperability. Growth within this area of network communications and converged networks is creating a whole new area of experts whose focus is to ensure predictable, deterministic and reliable connectivity.